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Food Review: Kwik Shop’s Prepackaged Egg Salad Sandwich

This week my quest for the ultimate egg salad sandwich led me to the Kwik Shop Convenience Store at 3939 A St.

Parking was a breeze. I simply pulled my Sedan in front of an open gas pump and walked straight in. I was even greeted by the hostess when the door chime caught her attention! “Why hello…” she said without any eye contact or even facial movement. She is probably busy helping out some of the “rude customers” I always hear about from my food service industry friends. Kwik Shop is a “seat yourself” buffet style establishment so I headed straight for the food!

There is so much food at this buffet! Hot dogs, nachos, individually wrapped string cheeses, corn chips, even boxes of cereal and Spam, but I opted for the deli to find the best looking egg salad sandwich. The deli was more of a kiosk than the classic shop counter where you order your entree by a sandwich artist. Everything was pre-made which completely eliminated my wait time. I grabbed a cellophane-wrapped “Like Mom’s” brand egg salad sandwich off of the counter and went to seek my table.

There weren’t really any seats available and the bathroom was taken so I decided to take my sandwich to the outdoor curbside seating in front of the entrance. Clutching my meal as I used my shoulder to nudge the door open, the hostess shouted something at me. I wasn’t really listening to what she was saying. She must really be having a bad day, I’ll be sure to give a good tip when I leave.

The outdoor area was very rustic, with a vintage payphone posted to the side of the building, next to a big rusty cage full of propane tanks. Truly an atmospheric dining experience!

The “Like Mom’s” brand egg salad sandwich. Only available at Kwik Shop on 3939 A St.

Finally, the reason I’m here. I unpeeled the wrapping of my egg salad sandwich and dove right in. I have never had an egg salad sand at such an odd temperature variation. The bread was colder than it traditionally is, and the egg salad was warmer than expected. It danced on my palette, the lukewarm egg salad puree melting in my mouth while the soft, gummy, wheat breading completed the flavor profile with absolute decadence.


On the quest for perfection in regards to egg salad sandwiches, my absolute recommendation is the Kwik Shop Convenience Store at 3939 A St. Making a successful night even better, I didn’t have to pay for it! As soon as I walked back in to get the bill from the hostess, she just kept repeating, “Whatever. I didn’t see anything, just get out of here. I don’t get paid enough to deal with this stupid bullshit.” Home girl hookup! She comped my entire meal so I wouldn’t tell management about her poor attitude I bet!

Score: A+

Editor’s note: After my 4 hour shift at Game Stop, I took the bus back to my parents house. Unfortunately for me and the other passengers, I was stuck with a bout of what can only be described as “The Hershey Squirts.” I pleaded for the bus driver to pull over but he thought he was in the movie “Speed” or something and refused to stop for any reason. Sadly, I soiled myself in public for the second time this calendar year. As the stench was pure methane, I can only imagine this was caused by the “Like Mom’s” brand egg salad sandwich I just ate. I must retract my review and change my score.

Revised Score: B+

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