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Jake’s Non-Smoking Wing to Serve Hot Sandwiches, Change Name to Doozy’s

Lincoln NE (SN) – In a move to bring in more customers and raise profits, Jake’s has decided to serve food in the non-smoking side of the bar and rename that side “Doozy’s.”

“It just seems like a natural fit,” says Jake’s General Manager Jason Hutchinson. “We looked around and asked ourselves, ‘what’s the one thing we don’t have, that every other business in a 6 block radius has? The answer: sandwiches.’ It was really a no brainer.”

Jake’s opened up the non-smoking section of the bar two years ago, giving patrons a place to enjoy Jake’s craft beer and cocktails without smelling like an 18th century chimney sweep when they left. Customers can choose from a multitude of cold cut sandwiches and decide if they want them toasted or untoasted, then they can pick which side of the bar to eat it on, if they want their lungs toasted or untoasted.

The recently redesigned side door at Jake’s Cigars & Spirits| 101 N 14th St

Smell Nebraska asked Hutchinson how they came up with the name “Doozy’s?” “It was a completely random name. It has a nice ring to it ring to it don’t you think? It has no connection with any other business past or present as far as I know.”

When asked what other plans Jake’s has in store, Hutchinson was non-committal. “I don’t want to give anything away, but, yeah, ok, we are getting a popcorn machine. Gotta keep up with the Joneses if you know what I mean. Our bartenders will love cleaning up that shit every day. They are pretty excited.”


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