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Lincoln Brings in Brand New Sandwich Restaurant That Sells Sandwiches

Lincoln NE (SN) – In a city riddled with Asian soups, authentic Mexican cuisine, and weird Indian foods that are difficult to pronounce, local cook Brent Norhall has a simpler idea for dinner: Sandwiches, comprised of meat, cheese, vegetables, and bread.

“Not everyone wants to look at a long menu with foreign words all over it when dining” Norhall told reporters. “That is what Simple American Sandwich Shop is all about.”

Simple American Sandwich Shop, or SASS, is opening it’s doors this Saturday, May 5th on 14th and P where Wahoo’s Fish Taco previously resided. The Taco shop went out of business this January.

The #1, or “Sasswich” at SASS. Complete with chips and a drink for only $17.99!

“It’ll be Cinco De Mayo when we open” Brent shrugged. “My guess is that Lincolnites will be annoyed with the crowded Mexican food places, and choose a nice ordinary sandwich at SASS instead.”

SASS will be joining (alphabetically) Banhwhich Cafe, Bison Witches Bar & Deli, Brueggers Bagels, Capriotti’s, CheeseSteak Grille, Danny’s Downtown Deli, Firehouse Subs, Flynn Home & Market, 5 Goodcents locations, Great Wraps, Highnooners, 4 Jersey Mike’s Subs locations, 10 Jimmy John’s locations, 2 Little Kings, Lulu’s on N, 3 Panera Breads, Pickleman’s, the recently snubbed Sips & Subs, 28 Subway locations, Which Wich, and White or Wheat Sandwich Shop, among local eateries that specialize in sandwiches. Lincoln is a Sandwich Shop City.

1 thought on “Lincoln Brings in Brand New Sandwich Restaurant That Sells Sandwiches”

  1. This article is incredibly xenophobic. Why do Indian foods have to be “weird” and “hard to pronounce” while” American sandwiches” are “simple ” . This makes me not want to eat here.

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