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Ghost of M&N Sandwich Owner Haunts Goodcents Location

Lincoln NE (SN) – Paranormal experts and skeptics alike have been maintaining steady traffic to the Goodcent’s sandwich location on 27th and Randolph in hopes to catch a glimpse of what has been reported as “a very pissed off ghost.”

Franchise owner Jon Hodgeson claims to have seen the spirit of Norm Kusinski, the late owner of M&N sandwich shop across the street. Kusinski died last November following an illness.

Just days after his wake, “spooky things” started happening at the Goodcent’s restaurant, which was the previous location of the original M&N sandwich shop established in 1993, until a fire in 2005 would move the local business across the street to it’s final resting place. Perhaps the late owner decided to pick up his afterlife where the sandwich legacy started. Hodgeson told reporters.

*Haunted Goodcents | 801 S 27th St, Lincoln

“A customer started making annoying adjustments to a menu item and taking a long time to decide what they were eating when suddenly an entire tray of tomato slices floated into the air and smashed into our beverage dispenser” the owner explained, “I’ve never been a believer, but later that night I saw a translucent presence wearing a ball cap and a white button down shirt pacing in the cooler.”

It wasn’t until a customer attempted to use a three month old gift certificate that Jon was certain as to just what kind of spirit he was dealing with.

“A big gust of energy just blew the gift card out of the patron’s hand, and all of our televisions switched to Fox News at the exact same time” the owner shook his head, “That’s when I knew it was old Norm.”

A sandwich with a scare, and more.

“It’s not so bad having Norm shaking things up in the store, we do have a lot of stupid fucking customers” Jon added, “I blacked out for over an hour in the kitchen last Tuesday and when I came to I had the old M&N Italian beef and pastrami recipe completely down. I was bleeding out of my eye sockets, mind you, but I’m eager to get that one on the menu.”

8 thoughts on “Ghost of M&N Sandwich Owner Haunts Goodcents Location”

  1. This is a little much!! I know that Norm wasn’t the friendliest fella in the world but damn he sure as hell known how to make a damn sandwich! I stand by the fact that his sandwiches where hands down the best in town!

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  2. This is a nonseense ploy to get people in the door looking for something crazy to happen while they are in Goodsense! I bet their sales have gone up since this BS story got out and thats all the Goodsense owner is looming for. This guy should be ashamed of himself using norms memory to boost sales! I got news for you, Goodsense will never compare to norms menu!!

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    1. I COMPLETELY AGREE!! THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN A PUBLICITY STUNT TO BRING IN MORE PATRONS!! WHY would he haunt them?? It makes NO sense!! And WHY would we just NOW be hearing about this!! If it was TRUE it the story would have been out by now!!

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  3. Not sure who Jon Hodgson is? He might be as ghostly as Norm! I hope Norm is in Sandwich heaven eating never ending pastrami. We at Goodcents are not trying to compare our business to M&N. We are different style sub shop, and our team takes pride in the products we produce.

    Cheers to Norm and his Sandwich legacy. If his spirit is hanging around 27th and Randolph, we invite him in.

    Jeff Barclay (Real, authentic, in the flesh franchise owner of Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs)

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    1. Jeff, I was like who is this guy claiming to own this Goodcents? Stoped out today for my chicken parm and thought Norm would throw a tissy for sure asking for a sandwich that wasn’t even on the menu! Although the sandwich was heavenly I didn’t get to see Norm. Lol!

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  4. Love the story, I was there when the fire happened passing through town as I have lived in Cali since 2000. I was so bummed to hear I would never have one of Norms italian beef pastrami combo’s. Next there will be a story about crazy Ray, ( the guy who helped Norm after opening up). Please let there be a story about Ray.

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  5. This is real! Lol, I experienced some paranormal stuff while inside iof goodcents yesterday! I am a worker and never read this article until I told my boss about what happened

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