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Lincoln Man Eats Entire D’Leon’s Beans Burrito Without Getting Diarrhea

Lincoln NE (SN) – The Nebraska Mexican food drive-thru game changed forever Wednesday night when a local diner completed an entire beans burrito from D’Leon’s without even a shred of regret or digestive problems the next morning.

Timmy “Iron Colon” McMillan, who previously gained notoriety in Lancaster county with his “Long John Silvers August Challenge” series on YouTube, reported to Smell Nebraska reporters promptly Thursday morning during his first poop of the day.

“I feel JUST fine! Mission accomplished!” Timmy McMillan emailed Smell Nebraska from his commode. “I would like to thank my fans, the friendly staff at the former KFC  D’Leon’s on 48th and Van Dorn, and I also just have to take a moment and say that god is good.”

McMillan refused to answer as to whether or not he had a pre (or post) meal regimen regarding his personal food challenge, but he did elaborate on the significance of the D’Leon’s beans burrito over their sixteen other burrito menu options.

A beans burrito from D’Leon’s Taco Rico.

“The first time you eat a beans burrito, you wonder why beans is pluralized. We’ve all been there. I’ll never forget my first time.” McMillan smiled. “You usually find out the next morning why. It is the worst D’Leon’s burrito for your stomach. The plural beans means a LOT of beans.”

Timmy went on to describe how he “weaned himself on to” a successfully diarrhea-less venture.

“What day is it, the 26th? Wow, well I have eaten a lot of beans burritos then. I blazed hard on 4/20 and ate four over the course of that entire 24 hour period, and I have averaged at least two a day since, so let’s just ballpark last night’s as probably my seventeenth beans burrito in less than a week’s time.” McMillan said.

Which D’Leon’s burrito destroys your intestines? Send your opinions and other D’Leon’s stories to SmellNebraska@gmail.com.

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