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Bogusman to Change Band Name to Bogusperson

Lincoln NE (SN) – Star city four piece rock outfit Bogusman achieved ultimate political correctness Monday when they announced they will be eliminating the gender bias behind their moniker by changing their band name to Bogusperson. Singer and guitar player Nate Luginbill had this to say:

“The music community in Lincoln is finally moving in a positive and accepting direction. We figured we would do our part to end the glaring sexism in the scene. It is not just men who are bogus, I know for a fact women can be bogus, anyone with any sexual identity can be bogus if they really want to.” Luginbill told reporters.

Feminist and social media warrior, Benjamin Barber, who calls out individuals on the internet in an attempt to meet women, applauded the efforts of the rock band.

Lincoln hard rock band Bogusperson.

“This is the change that I, a straight white male, think is best for the community. Inclusion of all orientations is something I share articles about on my Facebook at least every two hours, and I applaud Bogusperson for doing the right thing.” Barber said.

The responsible and diplomatic name change left the activist hopeful that others would step forward.

“Unmanned?, how about Unpersoned? Manny Coon? How about Personny Coon?, Also who is naming these bands? Amumanu Ramen bar? Amupersonu?” Barber shouted confidently.

Bogusperson released “Bogusman” in 2016. You can listen to it HERE.

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