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Crime Beat: Loitering Complaints Up 1043% at Re-Cycled Bicycle

Lincoln NE (SN) – LPD dispatch were working around the clock this Earth Day weekend, as warmer temperatures misdirected unsuspecting patrons to Re-Cycled Bicycle in hopes to reduce their carbon footprint.

The owner of the bicycle shop, located on 2760 South street, reportedly dialed dispatch eighty-six times between Saturday and Sunday with reports of loitering, kicking out any customer that failed to declare a clear answer as to why the entered the store.

Some shoppers took their experiences to the internet, as dispatch reports of “stolen air conditioning” also spiked in the capitol city.

The owner of Re-Cycled Bicycle keeping his business alive by his teeth.

“Today I got kicked out of Re-Cycled Bicycle because I was looking at bike bags and tools, and not there to buy a bike, per the owner’s question. I was then told that I was “wasting his air conditioning and water”  and that he “heard Monkey Wrench and Cycle Works love it when people come in to waste time.” Said local resident Harrison Haxwell.

“Hi thanks for the google review.” The owner of the establishment was quick to respond. “Just writing to tell you how terrible you are as a customer. bad customers get bad service. BYE!”

Re-Cycled Bicycle will be closed for sensitivity training for the remainder of 2018. Monkey Wrench Cycles and Cycle Works are available for your cycling needs.

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