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Guy That Plays Washboard On Downtown O Street to Release EP

Lincoln NE (SN) – The panhandler that plays the washboard every evening between 14th and Centennial on O street is releasing his first album of original material.

The five song EP, entitled “Ricka-Ricka-RickClick-Ricka,” was recorded at Dream Pro Recording by Sean Joyce, and offers a unique quirkiness to Lincoln’s already diverse music community.

The new EP by downtown washboard guy, “Ricka-Ricka-RickClick-Ricka.”

The second song “Clacka-shick-shicka” bears resemblance to a rustic and simpler time in music history, with the energy and pop sensibility to get any shit faced fraternity brother to start bobbing his head.

The energy doesn’t drop continuing into track three, “Ricka-Ricka-Ricka-Ricka-Ricka-Ricka,” carrying anthemic overtones and a commanding chorus reminiscent of classic Southern rock.

The EP closer, “Drunk Bitch Threw Up On Me,” is an ambient love ballad based on actual events, complete with a washboard solo that will leave you stunned.

Johnny, lead washboard player and staple to the downtown music scene, is a man of few words, but is enthusiastic about the EP release party this Friday, April 20th at the Royal Grove with Sputnik Kaputnik and MRMC$.

*Smell Nebraska Exclusive!* Listen to the track “Ricka-Ricka-Rack” off of the new EP! (Below)

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