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Spring Game Preview: Is Scott Frost on the Hot Seat?

It’s no secret the pressure is on in Lincoln Nebraska for head football coach Scott Frost. With the sold out Spring Game coming up this Saturday, it is definitely a must-win for Frost if he wants to keep his job. Scott Frost enters Saturday’s game with Nebraska with zero wins as the head football coach. Yes you heard me right, ZERO wins. He has not one a single game yet and he’s still the coach somehow.

Husker fans want to win. They demand to win. If Scott Frost doesn’t win the spring game he might be looking for another job. Sure, he just signed a $35 million contract for 7 years, so he is safe right? Wrong. Nebraska has shown the willingness to buy out any contract for a coach that doesn’t win. Nebraska has paid out over 20 million over the last 15 years to loser coaches and loser athletic directors.

But, Scott Frost just earned multiple coach of the year awards after taking a small school to an undefeated season. He must be great! Yeah right. Have you ever heard of UCF? I haven’t. Has he lead Nebraska to an undefeated season? No. And if he loses the spring game it might be curtains.

Nebraska Huskers coach Scott Frost anxiously awaiting his final game as coach.

Frost has instituted an off-season workout regimen for his team that has reportedly lost 389 pounds of fat, gained 436 pounds of muscle and lost an average of 2.8 percent body fat. Big deal. I watch my 600 lb life every week and they regularly lose 389 pounds once they start following Dr. Nowzaradan’s meal plan and get gastric bypass surgery. But that’s not the point. The point is that Frost sounds scared. Normally our coaches bring in 5 star recruits and do nothing to improve them at all. Why all this extra conditioning? Frost seems to know the writing is on the wall and if he doesn’t do everything he can to win the spring game, it will all be over.

Sure we all remember quarterback Scott Frost (not head coach Scott Frost) leading Nebraska to a National Championship in 1997 (mostly because the Journal Star does an article about it every week), but that was 20 years ago. 20 years ago we were still playing with pogs and using America Online. We didn’t know any better. We are much smarter now. So what have you done for us lately Mr. Frost? Nothing.

For Scott Frost’s sake, I hope Nebraska manages to pull out a win this Saturday. If he loses the spring game the fan base will have seen enough and will be out for blood. Speaking of which, the athletic department has advised that if you must bring a pitchfork or a torch to the stadium that you put it in a see-through bag so the octogenarian staff members can see it clearly.

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