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Shakespearean Actor Perfectly Recites Hamlet in the UNL Student Union, No One Even Notices

Classically trained Shakespearean actor Samuel Donovan tried something new on Thursday. He spent the lunch hour perfectly reciting all 5 acts of Hamlet in the food court of the Student Union. Sadly, no one even seemed to notice.

A professional actor for 35 years, Donovan has graced some of the world’s greatest stages. He is regularly featured in plays charging $100 per person. Unfortunately, on this day, the students were too caught up in their daily routine to even glance up or pay the least bit of attention to the greatness they were witness to.

Donovan spent 2 hours in the food court, acting out the characters of Hamlet, Ophelia, Horatio and everyone’s favorites Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. When he finished orating and silence took over, no one noticed it. No one applauded, nor was there any recognition.

We surveyed some individuals seated nearby to get their thoughts. Very few appreciated his work. “That guy is a creep. Ew.” said Jessica Martinez, 19. “He’s in here every day staring at me. I make sure my (sorority) sister is with me because I don’t want to be in here by myself.”

Union Crossing on the UNL campus.

Martinez’s dining companion Kathy Swanson, 20, was also too wrapped up in her busy life to appreciate the pure art Donovan provided. “He smells like dog shit. He walked by and I couldn’t even finish my runza. I don’t know why they let him in here.

Soon to be unemployed Valentino’s Employee Marvin Johnson was also unappreciative of Donovan’s talent. “That dude? Yeah he sucks. He’s in here everyday talking to himself. Arguing with imaginary people and everything. We have to call security at least once a week to get him out of here because he grabs food off people’s plates. He told you he was an actor? Ha! You thought that was Shakespeare? Hilarious.”

This is truly a sad commentary on how we view the world. If we do not have a moment to stop and listen to one of the best actors in the world reciting one of the best plays ever written, what else are we missing?

As for Samuel Donovan, the performance must have exhausted him, as he found a comfortable seat in a lounge area and went to sleep

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