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Making Scents of it All: Editors Note 4/5/2018

Editor’s Note:  In the year 1279 A.D., the Mongol Empire stretched from the Pacific Ocean to the edge of the European continent. In just 70 years, the Mongols had managed to dominate almost the entire continent of Asia and the Middle East. They were intelligent, ruthless, and, as the kids say today without irony, savage.

Much like the Mongolian Empire, Smell Nebraska has also risen from nothing to be the dominant force in the world of fake news. Today marks the 69th article published by Smell Nebraska. It is a ground breaking achievement that few thought we would reach. Just 3 short months ago there were zero Smell Nebraska articles. Today there are 69.

It is quite an accomplishment considering I don’t remember writing most of these articles. Like the Mongols, who spent most of their lives drunk on fermented goat milk, I too would imbibe in a spirit or two from time to time, or everynight. I would blackout on blackberry brandy and wake up to a fully written and formatted Smell Nebraska article. After fixing a few punctuation marks it is ready to go. It is amazing we made it to 69.

We could not do it alone. We appreciate each and everyone one of you who spends 4 to 5 seconds reading the headline and moving on with your day. But, if we want to be like Genghis Khan, like Kublai Khan, and truly dominate the known world, we need your help. We need you to share the articles, retweet them, instagramabam them, or whatever it is that you do on there. That way we can truly be savage.

The Mongols used to have a saying, “Slay everyday.” We will take inspiration from them and continue to slay everyday on our end. 69 articles are just the beginning. With your help we can take over the world and maybe one day I will get to find out what it’s like to 69 in real life. I bet it’s pretty neat.

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