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Lincoln Band Hammerclaw Gets Omaha’d in Sioux City

Sioux City IA (SN) – Lincoln band Hammerclaw was the unfortunate victim of being Omaha’d last weekend during their show at The Chesterfield in Sioux City, Iowa. For those of you uninformed, being “Omaha’d” is when the local act plays before the touring act. In smaller shows, the local act brings most of the people to then venue, who then leave when the local act is done performing, leaving no one to stay and watch the touring band. The practice originated in Omaha, hence the name, Omaha’d.

Hammerclaw frontman Greg Daughtry explains: “So, we booked this gig right, it was going to be the first night of our mini tour. We were going to hit Sioux City, Fargo, Bismarck, Minneapolis, Duluth, and Dubuque, all in the middle of winter. It was going to be great. The promoters would book us but we needed to find the local openers, so, ok fine. We found this band called The Siouxicide Squad. They had 200 followers on Facebook so they would work. Problem is they wanted us to play last since we were ‘the headliners’ and their drummer wanted to leave early since he had to work the next day at the sewage treatment plant. So they played and all 20 people in the whole place left before we could even set up on stage. It sucked.”

Exclusive Hammerclaw Merch

It wasn’t a total loss for Hammerclaw however. The bartender took pity on them and traded them keg beer for one of their XXL shirts and their new EP. “He was cool,” says Daughtry. “He said they would love to have us back and he was sorry no one was there to see us. Oh well.”

Hammerclaw received $25 and spent the night in their mini van parked in the Walmart parking lot before they left at first light and headed for Fargo, North Dakota.

*Smell Nebraska Exclusive!* Listen to the track “Fist of Fury” off of the new EP “Fists of Fury.” (Below)

Hammerclaw – “Fist of Fury”

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