Grand Island Woman Records Entire P!NK Concert On Snapchat

Lincoln NE (SN) – Tuesday night, Pinnacle Bank Arena was the scene as hip-hop-rapper-turned-generic-bubble-gum-pop-diva P!NK entertained a full house. The concert was sold out, but if you were not lucky enough to snag tickets there was still a way to catch the show. Grand Island resident Wendy Nelson recorded the entire concert through her cell phone with an application called “Snapchat.”

Holding her LG J3 smartphone in front of her face the entire show, Nelson was able to record the entire concert in 30 second intervals, so that her 14 followers could experience the same experience she was having. From the screen of her phone, Nelson was able to capture the entire 1 hour and 45 minute long lip-synced performance, everything from the dumbass trapeze stuff to the pointless flying around, and all the nonsensical bullshit in between. (An inflated Eminem? WTF)

P!NK peforming at the Pinnacle Bank Arena | Photo by Wendy Nelson.

Through hits like “Get the Party Started” and the love ballad “Blow Me,” Nelson never once stopped snapchatting the concert, assuming everyone in her life gave a fucking damn what she was doing.

Those of you wishing to view the P!NK concert from the vantage point of the top row of Pinnacle Bank Arena, you still have time. The 186 snapchats will expire at 10:34 Central Standard Time on March 7th. All you need to do is add Wendy Nelson on snapchat: EveryoneNoseItsWendy.

Along with snapchatting the concert, Nelson gave viewers bonus coverage which included the surf and turf burrito she got from De’Leon’s, the “boring” ride home, and 30 minutes of her dog acting crazy because he missed her.

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