Benson Woman’s Meme Barrage Proves She is Batshit Crazy

Omaha NE (SN) – A young woman’s meme barrage late Monday night has proven to all of her Facebook friends that she is, without a doubt, batshit crazy. Cassidy McLanahan, 24, set upon her computer around 11:34 P.M. and inundated her Facebook friends for about 45 minutes with enough re-shared memes to make certain to all that she was a real wack-a-do.

Ranging from hopeful quotes inspiring self reliance and strength, to memes promising revenge on some poor bastard, to completely nut-job-psychic-earth-crystal-universe-energy-nonsense memes, Cassidy clogged up her 847 friend’s newsfeeds with 30-some confusing and irritating memes, simply copied from someone’s tumbler page.

When asked for comment Cassidy’s roommate, Brenda Bosh replied, “I don’t know what she was doing. I was at work. Maybe she broke up with that guy she went out with twice? She’s always fighting with her mom. Who knows? I imagine she was probably drinking wine again. Do you know anyone looking for a roommate? I need to find a place. I’m sooooo over it. That chick is nuts.”

In the midst of the meme maelstrom, Cassidy managed to post a video on how to make pickle cupcakes and a video of a pet pot-bellied pig trying to ice skate. These seemed to solidify how completely off her rocker she is, and that the subway to psychoville has left the station and is not coming back.

Aquaintance Robert Johnson was mildly disturbed by the outburst. “She’s hot and all, that’s why I added her, but what the hell man? I honestly don’t even know her but holy shit! You can tell she has issues.  I’ll probably snooze her for a while and maybe she’ll calm down. I’d still hit that.”

Her aunt Linda was kind enough to offer up a “We love you Cass!” periodically in the comments and lots of squinty eyed laugh emojis on every other post.

McLanahan was unable to be reached for comment through Facebook messenger.

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