Localband Treats Fans to a Special Meet and Greet After Epic Lincoln Exposed Set 

Lincoln NE (SN) – Local music fans got a rare treat Thursday night, as Lead Singer, the lead singer of Localband, gave an impromptu meet and greet on stage after their set. Slowly winding up some cords, Singer, spent 30 minutes taking questions and compliments from excited friends, family, and randos. In an age where many rockstars seem bored and tired during the standard “meet and greet,” Singer seemed to relish the opportunity.  He was affable and energetic the entire time, answering every question, signing autographs, and even taking some photos with fans.

“Thank you so much! We should totally play a show together sometime.” said Singer to a fellow musical artist, totally blocking out the unprofessional negativity of the next band, NEXTBAND, who were totally being jerks about wanting to load their gear onstage.

Fans got another bonus as drummer Dave Drumstick gave a personal drum clinic on how to properly take down a drum set on stage. Drumstick showed how to carefully take each cymbal off of each cymbal stand, one at a time, nice and slow. “You don’t want to rush. The last thing you want to do is to dent your cymbal taking it off stage, and it would be an absolute tragedy if you lost one of those foam circle things. Make sure everything is secured in its case, then you can move it. One piece at a time.”

Despite the fact that the show was running an hour late and there were still four bands left to play, Singer’s enthusiasm never wavered. No fan was turned away and no fan was left disappointed.

LOCALBAND® Official Racer Back Girls Tank

“We love playing our one show a year at Lincoln Exposed! Can’t wait to do it next year!” exclaimed Singer.

After Localband’s bass player managed to move all the band’s gear off to the side of the stage, Singer kept connecting with their fans by the march table, trying to get them to buy a “DUMBEST MERCH ITEM YOU CAN THINK OF” or a four song digipack for $5.


“For the record, this article was written 2 weeks ago. So, if you thought this article was referring to you or your band, even for a split second, maybe you need to get your gear off stage a little quicker.”

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