Lincoln Exposed 2018 Complete Coverage: Thursday Night

Wow. Lincoln Exposed Day 2! Super pumped to see a jam packed line up: Universe Contest, Domestica, Mad Dog & the 20/20’s, Cuddlebone! The big names don’t stop! Gonna be a great night of music.

I was excited to see Josh Hoyer and Mezcal Brothers back to back at the Zoo bar. Of course, my dickhead manager wouldn’t let me off early to go see them. He says I’ve already used up all my sick days for the year and I have no more time off. Fucking asshole! I finally got done mopping at 9:45 and got out of there. By that time I was starving so I stopped at Popeye’s for a quick bite to eat.

A Fish Po’boy from Popeye’s Chicken® | Not pictured: Lincoln’s champion music community.

I ordered a Shrimp Po’boy, and although it wasn’t very busy in there, it took them 20 minutes to make my order. When I finally got my food they made the Po’boy with fish instead of shrimp. I’m not a big complainer so I tried to eat it anyway. Well, turns out the bread was so hard I couldn’t even bite into it. So I went up and told the cashier that my bread was too hard. Well, she seemed irritated and yelled back to the kitchen, “He thinks his bread is too hard!” like it was my fault or something. She thought I was trying to get a free sandwich or something. I offered my old sandwich back but she didn’t want it by then. I finally got a new sandwich and the bread was softer, but they made it with fish again even though I reminded them I actually ordered shrimp! Gah! Whatever. I just ate it anyway.

After my hour ordeal at Popeye’s I finally made it to Duffy’s to catch Jens Lehman & The Time Cops. After a few songs I started to get nauseous, not from the music, but probably from the Popeye’s I just ate. Hunched over, I ran towards the bathroom, but that’s when I got cracked right in the temple by a pool cue from some dude trying to play pool during Lincoln Exposed. I managed to make it to the bathroom and puke in the urinal. Sorry but it’s the best I could do.

Between the bad fish and the concussion, I had no business being out in public anymore so I had to call it a night and drive back home. Thursday was a big disappointment but there is always Friday!

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