Local Band Accomplishes the Impossible by Releasing an Album Without a Kickstarter Campaign

Lincoln NE (SN) – Local hard rock band Hammerclaw shocked the world on Friday by releasing an album without the use of a kickstarter or indiegogo campaign. Their 6 song EP entitled “Fists of Fury,” was debuted at their CD release show Friday Night at The Keg. The record seemed to come out of nowhere, with no online begging for people to pay for the album in advance, which left fans to wondering, “How did they do it?”

Frontman Greg Daughtry explained how they accomplished the impossible. “Well we have been playing shows for a while now and we just saved up the money in a band fund. That got us started.”

The new EP by Hammerclaw, “Fists of Fury.”

Rhythm guitar player Brian Monson elaborated on their inconceivable feat. “We are all grown adults with jobs, so, you know, we all pitched in $500 and had all our expenses covered. There are 5 of us in the band so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Why are you even asking about this?”

Fans may be disappointed that they didn’t get a chance to pay $50 for an autographed copy of the disc two weeks before it came out, or $200 for an autographed broken cymbal that the band had laying in their garage, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Fans could purchase a physical copy of the disc for $5 at the show.

Initial sales figures show the band sold 9 or 10 copies of their album, mostly to coworkers who came out to support.

*Smell Nebraska Exclusive!* Listen to the track “Fist of Fury” off of the new EP! (Below)

Hammerclaw – “Fist of Fury”

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