Darren Keen Officially Stepping Down as CEO of SmellNebraska.org

Lincoln NE (SN) – At a surprise press conference at a house show this afternoon, Darren Keen aka Onemanbandgod aka The Show is the Rainbow, officially stepped down as CEO of SmellNebraska.org. Keen addressed the hundreds of shocked media members and scenesters in attendance.

“It is with a heavy heart, that I have made the decision to step down as the CEO, creator, head writer, lead graphic artist, IT guy, chief political strategist, and janitor of SmellNebraska.org. Even though I never had anything to do with this at all, I feel now is the best time to step away and spend more time with my family.”

Darren Keen – Holding the new “The Show is the Rainbow” album. [Photo by Darren Keen]
Keen continues, “While SmellNebraska.org is obviously a work of genius, and I am also a genius, it is easy for people to assume that I am responsible for it. But I’m not. ‘wink’ Ok I shouldn’t have winked just then. Sorry. Now you think it is me. Oh god. But it’s not. Or maybe it is? Who knows? But really it’s not. For real this time. Honestly.”

“I will be handing over the keys to the website (which I don’t really have) to some high school kids that I buy weed from. Moving forward, SmellNebraska.org will focus mainly on teachers who are hot and who got to what base with whom. I root for their continued success.”

Keen went on to describe his future projects, such as  developing his hit webseries, “Bachelor Food,” where a single man eats food. “We are talking to a lot of network people, maybe get it on Netflix or Spike TV. Lot of excitement brewing.” Keen is also considering starting a new website called “IowaStinks.com.”

Mr. Keen has a new The Show is The Rainbow album out called “Aw Nuts” available if you email him at whatever his email address is. Darren’s non existent input has been sorely missed at SN and he is welcome to submit an article at any time. Just email us at whatever our email address is. 

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