Making Scents of it All: Editors Note 2/2/2018

Editor’s Note: Happy Groundhog Day everyone! If you are anything like me, you do the same goddamn thing every fucking day. You wake up and lay in bed for a half an hour until you absolutely have to get up and go to work. You go to work and countdown the minutes until you can leave. You return home, say hi to your parents, eat the roast your mom cooked, and you retire to your room. Maybe you spend 15 minutes writing a Smell Nebraska article, but usually you just surf the internet for that perfect meme to add a few seconds of levity to your pointless life. Top that off with fifth of Jim Beam and you have another successful day. If this sounds like you, and you are looking to mix it up, try submitting an article to Smell Nebraska. We are always looking for new writers to share the blame. Whether that stupid rat sees its shadow or not, here’s to 6 more weeks of an icy hell.

Send all content submissions to PureBrownIsAGoodBand(at)DevelopASenseOfHumor.net or SmellNebraska(at)gmail.com.

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