Lincoln Exposed Headliners Slated to Play Random Tuesday Show at Bourbon Rye Room Day Before Festival

Lincoln NE (SN) – In what has now become standard Lincoln Exposed tradition, all twenty bands responsible for closing out the Friday and Saturday evening installments of the festival have booked a show at the Bourbon Rye Room just one day before the big event kicks off.

Smell Nebraska sat down with Pure Brown, Night Push, Powerful Science, Mad Dog and the 20/20s, Mesonjixx, a Ferocious Jungle Cat, Sweats, Killigans, Ezra, Magnetic Souls, the Dancing Dead, Mobius, Stonebelly, Blowing Chunks, Laughing Falcon, Halfwit, and a few others we have never ever heard of to discuss the big show on February 6th.

“I always like a spontaneous show in the middle of the week.” Said Tom Adelman, guitar player from Lincoln favorite Pure Brown, slated to play the Zoo Bar on Friday. “Our friends hate every band that Jesse [Butterfield] and I aren’t in, so it makes more sense for them to check us out on Tuesday night show with a $3 cover and actual drink specials.”

For some artists, the desire to pick up the extra show isn’t a desire, but rather an unavoidable obligation.

Red Cities Rye Room.02.13
Deep Rooted Traditions: Lincoln Rock Band Red Cities plays the Bourbon Rye Room the day before last year’s Lincoln Exposed Festival

“Laughing Falcon and Halfwit asked us if we’d hop on the show, and we just have such a difficult time saying no.” Confessed Night Push bass player Josh Caster.

Night Push, or Night Pushover?

For some of the bands with more auxiliary members, (and notably more unfortunate band names,) such as Mad Dog and the 20/20s, a Ferocious Jungle Cat, and the Killigans, the Rye Room is a tremendous opportunity for preparation.

“With trombones and all of the other bells and whistles involved, we figure if we headline this gig, it can count towards the ninety minute soundcheck we will need in order to be ready to play our set on Friday at 1867 Bar.” Explained Danny Peck, bass player of Mad Dog and the 20/20s.”

Perhaps even more thrilled about the random showcase is Bourbon Theatre bartender Cortney Kirby, who also happens to be a Lincoln Exposed organizer.

“Well, I am scheduled at the Bourbon on Tuesday. A twenty band show definitely includes a lot of local musicians, and frankly, local musicians don’t tip for shit. I guess I get to enjoy almost one hundred different musicians performing for the eight hour show, so I have that to look forward to.” Kirby told reporters. “Maybe I’ll make some money over the weekend.”

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