JournalStar.com to Abandon News Coverage. Publishing Only Mugshots, Advertisements

Lincoln NE (SN) – The newspaper industry has suffered massively in the past 20 years, and this downturn has now affected the Lincoln Journal Star’s online presence. Starting next week, and in possible connection to the local news titan recently letting go several long standing employees, JournalStar.com will only feature mugshots and advertisements.

Lincoln Journal Star spokesperson, Cindy Maddox explains: “Over the years our readership has steadily declined. Market research has shown that most people only visit the site for the mugshots, presumably to see if their drug dealer is in jail or not. There is really no other reason for people click on our website.” Mugshots currently make up 85% of the traffic. Restaurants that closed in 2015 make up 9%, and old timey pictures of Lincoln make up 4%.

The newly revamped JournalStar.com

With changing technologies, people have virtually unlimited ways to get their news. Studies show that most people in the United States now get their news primarily from Snapchat. The Journal Star can’t keep up with this surge in online content. By jettisoning news reporters and staff, the company will save enough money to stay afloat. The increased space for ads will keep the website going.

“Gone are the glory days when we had a staff of 500-plus people calling Lincoln residents every single day to subscribe to our paper. Sadly, we had to do away with that too,” says Maddox. “Times are tough and the money just isn’t there, unless we fill up every conceivable space on our website with an ad or a pop up window.

Some Lincoln residents are upset, notably Randy Raney, a frequent commentator on JournalStar.com articles. “This is exactly what you would expect after Obama’s policies! Where am I supposed to post my nonsensical political rants that no one ever reads? And what about my first amendment right to bear arms? Did you ever consider that?!?!?! You are NOT taking my guns away!”

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