Striving for Authenticity: 1867 Bar to Offer Typhoid Fever, “Bring Your Oxen to the Bar” Sundays

Lincoln NE (SN) – Sophomore pub and music venue 1867 Bar shocked O street concert goers this week as they unveiled plans to own up to their time oriented name.

“1867 is the year Nebraska became a state,” said Owner Kelsey Graves, “and we want to focus specifically on that year.”

Graves sat down exclusively with Smell Nebraska to roll out the entirety of her changes to the club. Starting with the beverages.

“Our bar has always stood out from other downtown bars regarding our inclusion of local brewers and distilleries.” Kelsey said, “the first adjustment in order to fit the late 1860’s time frame was to throw out all of the beer, and spirits, and mixers, garnishes, grenadine, ice,  refrigeration, and variety. 1867 now solely sells a single grain alcohol made in an old settlers still. Patrons have been fine with the changes, though we are certainly more vulnerable to tavern violations due to the unknown proof of our alcohol.”

The theme is impressing patrons, but not all patrons.

“This place sucks.” According to 25 year old Beta Sigma Psi pledge Eric Hochstein. “I used to come here all the time when it was called the Hour Lounge to try to creep on girls. I had a history lecture about the 1800’s before my academic probation and I know women were not even welcome near a bar during Nebraska’s birth, but come on, where are the babes at?”

Among other changes the popular photo booth has been replaced with a collodion dry plate camera. Patrons can still take drunken photos, but they may need to sit perfectly still for at least six minutes.

“People from Nebraska love Nebraska, and they want to support it, and I’ve definitely seen that. They’ll sit still.” the bar owner said confidently.

Among the most notable, the bar is now welcoming hard working Nebraskans to arrive with their oxen and let them roam freely around the bar on Sundays.

1867 Bar: 101 N 14th St #6

“We have a deal set up with the Jimmy John’s franchise next door. I installed a trough of drinking water in our indoor beer garden, and customers are free to buy hunks of rock hard day old bread from the sandwich shop for half price so they can feed their ox.” Graves nodded to reporters, “sometimes the oxen have a cute little accident but they are so playful and cuddly that no one minds the mess.”

Some regulars and musicians are not happy about the change in policy.

“This one guy abandoned his ox as soon as he arrived so he could go play the Nintendo they have set up in the corner of the bar,” sneered Anthony Price, guitar player from Smithjob. “His animal trotted over to the venue side and took a piss on my Marshall 4×10!”

1867 Bar has always aimed to honor and salute our United States veterans, if you are a former Union soldier, the staff encourages you to drop by and enjoy a complimentary drink and a game of cornhole.

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