Railyard’s Gate 25 Ups Eleven Minute Wait for Bartender to Serve You to Full Half Hour, Staff Busy on Facebook

Lincoln NE (SN) – Several reports from concerned patrons flooded the official Smell Nebraska email servers over the weekend claiming that Gate 25 Bar and Restaurant, a fixture of the now failing Railyard location, now serves customers at the bar after at an alarming thirty minutes of waiting, which is almost triple the usual ten to eleven minutes it previously required to catch the staff’s attention.

“In the past, you know, I understood.” Recalled advertising major Larry Truit. “The giant circular bar is daunting. That circumference is a lot of surface area to cover between four bartenders, plus I am not a hot chick. Eleven minutes for a Bud Light is totally acceptable under those circumstances.”

Gate 25, however, apparently became “Wait 25.”

“They were all on their cell phones, whispering loudly to one another about giving some 1 star reviews on Facebook.” The UNL junior continued. “When they finally took care of me, I ordered my beer and got out of there as quickly as I could. Who knows how much longer it would have taken had I ordered Vegas bombs for my buddy and I?”

Gate 25 Bar & Restaurant |  Official Facebook Page

Smell Nebraska’s around the clock social media team have pin-pointed some of these claims to the exact time that some questionable 1 star reviews were made on the official Smell Nebraska Facebook page by users claiming to be Gate 25 employees or friends.

Brad McKinnon, owner of Gate 25, sternly told reporters, “Gate 25 and my management team take the focus and professionalism of our employees very seriously. Actions have been made for those who misrepresent our establishment, which, for the record, is not going to be going out of business with the rest of Canopy Street.”

Smell Nebraska now has to dig ourselves out of the 3.4 star average rating on our Facebook page and hope that it will not completely squash our dream of bringing hard hitting factual information to Nebraskans by way of extremely credible sources.

On a positive note, it seems McKinnon did own up to his change in company policy.

“One girl bartender got fired for spending too much time on her phone,” Truit spoke of his next visit to the bar. “Though she refused to leave until all of the employees on the clock ‘Liked’ her 1 star review.”

Leave Smell Nebraska a five star review on our Facebook today. Show us you care. Click here. It is only a matter of a time before we exceed Gate 25’s 4.7 star average rating. Their official Facebook page can be found here.

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