North Korean Teens Taking Part in the “Eat Anything You Can Find” Challenge 

New World Odor | 

Pyongyang North Korea (SN) – A disturbing trend is sweeping North Korea, as the nation’s teenagers are participating in what is known as the “Eat anything you can possibly find” challenge.

Reportedly, teenagers in North Korea have so little to eat they are forced to eat bugs, lizards, tree bark, and paper. Every day is a “challenge” to see who can get enough sustenance to survive another day.

When asked to comment on this phenomenon sweeping the country, a North Korean representative responded: “Kim Jong Un is a great leader. We have so much food to eat. Everyone is happy. Long live our great leader. We feel sorry for American children who are forced to eat laundry soap. Things must be terrible in that country.”

Smell Nebraska was able to secure a secret interview with one of these hip teenagers in North Korea (don’t worry about how). Speaking on the condition of anonymity, for fear that they and their entire extended family could be shipped to a work camp for the rest of their lives, our source gave their opinion on the popular fad. “We have very little to eat every day. Yesterday I found a frog to eat and it was the happiest day of my life. My friends and I think it is cool to consume enough calories to keep breathing and not die the next day. No one can tell us to stop.”

“The supreme leader says Americans are eating something called Tide Pods. I don’t know what that is but I don’t believe it. They tell us all kinds of things, like how Kim Jong Il made a new star appear in the sky when he was born, or how he invented something called a hamburger.”

Smell Nebraska explained that Tide Pods were soap used to wash clothes.

“People wash clothes? Why would you waste good drinking water on clothes? I only have one set of clothes. I’m sorry but I need to go find some leaves for supper.”


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