Making Scents of it All: Editors Note 1/19/2018

Editor’s Note: Well, it’s been an exciting week here at Smell Nebraska. We made a lot of new friends and we are glad you are here. We live in the age of information, where anything we want to know is at our fingertips. It is important to be cautious about the information you take in on the internet. After you read an article online, take a deep breath and ask yourself: Is this a trustworthy news source? Is this a satirical article? Is this click-bait about how the cameraman just kept rolling and she didn’t know why they were staring? When it comes to Smell Nebraska, I’ll make it easy for you. Every article on here is not real. It is satire. It is a farce. Our logo is a guy picking his nose for Christ’s sake. It is comedy (debatable). It’s a joke. We got a lot more jokes. Some might even be funny. We will see.

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