Local Lead Singer Waaay Too Proud of New Hat

Lincoln NE (SN) – Eyebrows were raised Tuesday night at Duffy’s Tavern when Connor Showalter, singer for the local band Soul Patch, debuted the latest addition to the group; his new headgear.

Playing before a distant, yet polite audience of 8 people, Showalter introduced the hat after Soul Patch’s second song, or approximately 17 minutes into the band’s set. Concert goers didn’t seem to initially react to the announcement, though the unveiling became harder to miss as the front man continued to talk about the hat at the end of each successive song.

After the band’s 3rd song of the set, “A Soulder to Cry On,” Showalter shared with the room, “It really takes the right kind of head and face combination to pull off a fedora. Fortunately, I’ve got what it takes.”

Showalter became emotional before the last song of the night, dedicating the closer to his fedora. “This last song is a personal favorite of the horn section. It’s called ‘Souldiers of Fortune’ and it goes out to this little beauty on top of my head.”

When asked, the Duffy’s sound engineer displayed confusion and annoyance. “This is stupid. It’s a fucking hat.”

Look out for Soul Patch and their cranial attire, this Friday the 19th at the cube in the Railyard. It will be seven degrees, just FYI.

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