Mum’s Liquor Agrees to Also Sell Liquor to Individuals With Residences, Jobs.

Lincoln NE (SN) – After years of pushback from the community, local liquor store Mum’s Liquor, located at 2202 O Street, has complied with consumers’ requests to stop limiting the sale of beer and spirits to solely the homeless population of the city.

“It is simply the best move for the store and the neighborhood,” said a local storeowner who wished to remain unnamed.

Renters, homeowners — really anyone, now — can line up to purchase Mad Dog 2020’s, Barton’s vodka, and Four Loko when Mum’s opens for business Thursday, February 1st.

UPDATE: Likely due to the change in foreseen patronage, Mum’s has changed their Yelp description from “Wine Store: Come to Mum’s for the best prices in town!” to “We have the best selection! Come spend your holidays here! We have all your needs for a nice get together with your loved ones!”

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